10 Signs Your Dog Is In Desperate Need Of A Treat Intervention

10 Signs Your Dog Is In Desperate Need Of A Treat Intervention

You’ve always had that tugging, aching feeling that something was amiss. The utter obsession that consumes your dog at the slightest sound of a crinkling bag, the shameless begging… you chose to let it go because, well, deep down you knew that you must be the problem. And nobody wants to admit that.

Maybe you’ve heard the whispers from concerned friends and family. “I remember when that dog was happy with just belly rubs. Now, it’s all about treats.” “I can’t even eat a sandwich in peace around that dog anymore.”

Whatever brings you here, know that you’re not alone. And we applaud you for taking the first step towards recovery. Here are 10 signs your dog is spiraling into treat addiction.

1. Your dog always finds the treats. No matter where you put them.

There’s nothing your desperate doge won’t do for that sweet, sweet bully stick, including climbing onto kitchen counters and going through your cabinets. And forget about ever leaving any kind of edible unattended…it will be gone before you know it.

2. Your dog thinks anything floating in the air is a treat waiting to be caught.

Lint floating in the air? A fly with a death wish? Bubbles? Fair game. It’s like that human infant stage when they’re exploring the world by putting things into their mouths. Your dog will put anything into its mouth hoping it’s a treat.

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3. Your dog jumps at the mention of any word rhyming with “treat.”

Dog forbid anyone mutters anything even remotely resembling their favorite word, because your dog has super acute hearing. Oh, and forget about just spelling the word out. He knows what T-R-E-A-T stands for.

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4. Your dog starts falling in with the wrong crowd.

He was always a good dog. Maybe a little slow. But lately he’s been getting into delinquent behavior. And it mostly happens when he’s hanging out with his crew.

5. Your dog can’t sit still when he’s about to get a treat.

You’d think he won the treat lottery whenever you stick your hand in the treat jar. All of a sudden you’re their favorite person and nothing could distract your dog from what’s in your hand.

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6. They will do ANYTHING to win a treat.

Your dog could win trophies in a talent show when there’s a treat in his future. He’ll show off his entire repertoire of tricks without anyone asking, because something’s gotta work, right?

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7. Your dog hoards treats.

This is how you safeguard against a treat drought.

8. Manipulation

This is how you know your dog’s hit rock bottom.

9. Your dog doesn’t care if they’re dog treats or not.

Human treats, cat treats, who cares? TREATS ARE TREATS.

10. The sound of a plastic bag being opened turns your dog into an acrobat.

This is especially telling when you have a dog who’s a lazy little couch burrito who looks at you like you’re crazy when you mention walking. Seeing them go from 0 to 100 just because someone opens a chip bag is a sure sign your dog is falling off the deep end.

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