25 Dogs Who Are So Puppin Excited for 2015

25 Dogs Who Are So Puppin Excited for 2015

New year, new start… But first there’s one thing we must do: PARTAY! It’s the celebration of the year, and you’re crazy if you think any self respecting crazy dog person is going to do it without there best little buddy. So don the hats, pull out your pearls, and get ready for confetti, party poppers and plenty of good cheer as we bring you the pups who just can’t wait for 2015!

1. “Welcome to NYE. I will be your guide on this journey to 2015.”

Image via Camp Bow Wow

2. “Heck yah I came for the free food!”

NYE_DOGImage via Flickr

3. All hail the king of New Year’s eve.

New Year dogImage via Dachshund Love

4. “I have to stay up HOW late?”

Dog_NYEImage via We Heart It

5.  “I’ll pose for two more seconds and then it’s time to rage.

Dog_NYEImage via Pinterest

6. ” Can I offer you some champagne sir?”

Dog_NYEImage via Pinterest

7. “Why am I always the last one sitting.”

newyearsImage via Mellie and Rose


Dog_NYEImage via Attach of the cute


9. “Don’t look at me like that. I just love to party, OK?”

Party_dogImage via Attach of the cute

10. “Do I have something in my hair?”

NYE_puppyImage via Instagram

11. “Hold on… Is there something happening tonight?”

NYE_dogImage via Instagram

12. “Can I be your first footer?”

NYE_dogImage via Instagram

13. “The New year… it cometh.”

Dog_NYEImage via Attach of the cute

 14. “I’m gona rock this joint.”

NYE DOGImage via Instagram

 15. “If you ask me to hold your drink, I will drink it.”

NYE_dogImage via Instagram

16.” I think I’m a little young for champagne.”

NYE_dogImage via Instagram

17. “Christmas is Bull! Its all about NYE”

b0b86aadcb86d8300898d519eea79532Image via Pinterest

 18. “Hey! Wanna come party with me?”

NYE_dogImage via Attach of the cute

19. ” I pugging love New year!”

Image via Pinterest

20. “2015 is my year to sparkle!”

NYE_DOGImage via Attack of the cute

21. “2015 is all about sophistication.

3f190494aeca4781f83c6085f4287bd3Image via Cutest Paw

22. Ready to party… HardCORG!

NYE_dogImage via Facebook

23. “Ok… I’m wearing the hat, now where’s the party?”

Pug_NYEImage via Pinterest

24. “We are the ones your parents warned you about!”

NYEImage via azureazure

25. “My name is DJ-Hund and I will bring you the music!”

NYE_DOGImage via Now Here This