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1. Chillin' like a villan - upside derpin' like a Frenchie
3. You know that feeling when you’re upside-down and all the blood rushes to your head? So does this guy.
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4. “Hey girl, you turn my world upside-down.”
5. Thleep tight, lil Frenchie
6. This Frenchie would like an upside-down belly rub if that’s alright with you.
7. Frenchie teefsies.
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8. Killer bod. Killer, stumpy, upside-down, bod.
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9. Nothing more precious than an upside-down big sis cuddling her upside down baby sis.
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10. King of upsidederp Frenchie smiles.
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11. One Frenchie, Two Frenchie, Three Frenchie - Five!
12. Dressing upside down is harder than you think.
13. Gravity + smushy Frenchie faces = This guy
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14. She knows bellies make the perfect paw rest
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15. "Oh, I don't care - what do YOU wanna do?"
16. Mugging for the camera and keeping one eye on the surrounding at all times - true Frenchie form.
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17. Who knew Boston had so much in common with the French?
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18. So cute you almost wanna give her a raspberry!
19. Frenchie error. System frozen. Please try again.
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20. “No, you hang up first. No, You hang up first. No, you!”
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20 Frenchies That See The World Through Upside Down, Puppy Dog Eyes

If there’s one thing that French Bulldogs are good at, it’s chilling on their backs and being absolutely and without question adorable. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are some Frenchies who just rock that upside-down look.

Featured image via Youtube