Update: Veteran Smashes Window To Save Dog From Hot Car. Gets Arrested.

Update: Veteran Smashes Window To Save Dog From Hot Car. Gets Arrested.

Updated 05/18/15:

Western Judicial Circuit District Attorney Ken Mauldin says charges have been dropped against Michael Hammons, the veteran who broke a car window to save a dog inside. The owner of the vehicle agreed to this course of action.

Michael Hammons is a Desert Storm Veteran who recently took matters into his own hands to save a dog in distress. In the 80+ degree spring heat of Georgia, a group of shoppers noticed a pup locked in a hot car. Rather then wait for official rescue and further risk the canine’s health, Mr. Hammons took a part of his wife’s wheelchair to smash the Mustang’s window. Describing why he stepped up to the plate (or window, rather) Mr. Hammons says “I’ve seen enough death and destruction,” referencing his time in combat.


When the car’s owner returned to the scene, however, she did not view her pup’s rescue in the same light. As in, she had Hammons arrested for criminal trespassing. She was also cited, however, for leaving the dog in the car.

Georgia state law allows someone to break a window to save a child in distress, but not a pet. Says Oconee County Sheriff’s Deputy Lee Weems:

“I full well sympathize with what he did. Unfortunately, I don’t see an exception in the law that allows for that action to be taken.”

Animal advocates say changing this law is a top priority.

Keep your pups safe and cool this summer, friends!

H/t to WCTV, USATODAY, Fox News

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