15 WTF-Worthy Pups At The 2014 National Dog Show

15 WTF-Worthy Pups At The 2014 National Dog Show

This year’s National Dog Show was a great opportunity to avoid talking to your relatives get your Thanksgiving pup fix. The derpiness was real, y’all. One of the dogs escaped mid-show, bringing much sadness to their hooman.

Then Nathan the Bloodhound won over the judges with his lovable jowls and floptastic ears, taking home Best in Show.

The BarkPost team couldn’t wait for the NBC broadcast on Thanksgiving Day, so we headed to Philadelphia to catch all the action firsthand. You can see our interviews with some of the champion pups here.

One of the first things we noticed was how many rare breeds there were, all being primped and groomed for their big pawformances. The energy at the event was similar to what you’d find backstage at a pageant or recital. Handlers expertly hairsprayed, fluffed, and even straightened their pups’ stunning hairdos. There were Bulldogs, Hounds, and Terriers of all kinds, some dogs readily seen at the dog park, and some we’d only ever seen in pictures.

Here are 15 of the most unusual dogs seen backstage at the National Dog Show.

1. Aslan the Tibetan Mastiff was the only one of his kind at the show, and heads turned everywhere his regal form glided.


2. This picture doesn’t even do this massive bundle of love justice. Weighing in at 242 pounds, Legion the English Mastiff is a 3 1/2 year old certified therapy dog who lets children read to him.

3. This Great Pyrenees was just like every other big dog we know: unaware of just how big he is when demanding cuddles.

4. This pup was an expert at dealing with the puparazzi.

5. If Twerking were a Group in the dog show, this puff-faced cutie would have won first place.

6. This Old English Sheepdog had the most fabulously ’80s hair we’d seen in decades.

7. Speaking of fabulous locks, this Chinese Crested pup was slayin’. #YAS

8. Ok, so Bernese Mountain Dogs aren’t exactly rare, but we couldn’t resist snapping a few pics of this sweet-faced snugglebug. He also didn’t judge me when I squealed and dropped to the floor to get closer to him. (Maybe he judged me on the inside but at least he didn’t give me side eye.)

9. This dreadlocked Komondor was tired of hearing mop jokes.

10. This Newfie was fashion-forward in all black everything. His handler even applied black eyeliner while we watched. You guys. Dog eyeliner is a thing. What.

11. It was hard to resist the urge to reach out and touch this giant Q-tip Standard Poodle.


12. So many different Poodle haircuts. So little time.


13. Afghan Hounds always look like they just left the hair salon, and this one is no exception.


14. The most unusual thing about this Samoyed was its humanlike expression. #overit


15. Airedale Terriers, also known as the “King of Terriers”, refused to talk to peasants before the show. (Just kidding. That’s his game face. Much concentration. So wow.)


Which breed were you rooting for during the show? Let us know in the comments below! 😀