The Silly, Spooky Story Of England’s “Werewolf” Crisis

The Silly, Spooky Story Of England’s “Werewolf”  Crisis

***Disclaimer: As the BarkPost “science department,” BarkPost Discover prides itself on its scientific acumen. We’re not trying to take the fun out of legends and lore, there’s just no proof that werewolves are real, m’kay? And science requires evidence. M’kay.***

Mirror recently reported that Hull, England, is abuzz with fright over sightings of an apparent werewolf.


Should you be worried? Is this the evidence all the lycanthrope lovers have been waiting for?!?!


Meh. I doubt it.

As much as it would make my day to know that werewolves are real…


…there’s really nothing to be concerned about here. Mostly because werewolves don’t exist. If anything is worrying about these reports, it’s that enough people believe in werewolves to the point of reporting sightings to a local “supernatural expert.”

The alleged half-man, half-beast stands 8 feet tall, and was first seen over Christmas, crossing Barmstom Drain seen below.


But not everyone thinks the monster sightings can be explained by the existence of werewolves. That’s nonsense, right?

The real smartypaws pups think it’s just local folk legend Old Stinker. Not a werewolf at all—which is a human that transforms into a wolf—Old Stinker is a wolf that transforms into a human.

So far, the manbeast (Beastman? Is it you, Old Stinker?) has been spotted doing the following:

  • leaping 30ft over an embankment to escape into the night
  • eating a German Shepherd
  • rearing in the distance
    Like yourselves, I was displeased by the bit about the German Shepherd, but the article makes no mention of reports of missing pets, so the veracity of this claim has yet to be tested.

    I was comforted after participating in Mirror’s poll that those asked, “Do you believe in the existence of werewolves?” tended to answer like this:


    But according to Mirror, “locals are now waiting for a full moon to mount a werewolf hunt with cameras and recording equipment.”

    Torches and pitchforks anyone?


    H/t to Mirror

    Featured image via Smush Face Dogs In Costume/ Tumblr