Do you regularly catch your dog munching away on grass like your lawn is an all-you-can-eat salad bar? You’re not alone; this is a common dog behavior that many owners are curious about.
While there is no one reason why dogs eat grass, there are three main theories behind why this behavior occurs.
Historically, dogs were omnivores. They would eat anything and everything they could get their paws on as long as it helped them to fill their basic dietary requirements. This means that they would eat the entirety of their prey, including the contents of their stomach, which was usually plant matter.
But modern dogs today no longer have to hunt their prey, so they seek this plant matter elsewhere. More often than not, our dogs choose grass because it is easy to find and eat, but wild dogs have been known to eat everything from grass to berries as an alternate food source.
Another theory why dogs eat grass is that they have an upset stomach. Grass isn't the softest, so dogs have learned that the scratchy feeling it causes in their throat and stomach can lead to vomiting.
If your dog is consistently eating large amounts of grass and vomiting, it’s a sign that a trip the vet is in order. This behavior may indicate an underlying medical issue that needs treatment.
For some dogs, it seems that grass is nothing more than a free delicious treat. These grass-loving dinguses show no sign of illness, such as an upset stomach, before eating it and have no negative consequences after doing so. Dogs that fit into this category can be seen happily grazing on grass whenever they see fit with no change to their health or behavior.
While we may never know why exactly dogs eat grass, it’s pretty likely one of these three theories will apply to your dog. Personally, I think the whole grass-eating thing is pretty ingenious. Humans should try and find more food sources that are freely accessible in pretty much every city and town.
Overall, grass eating isn’t a behavior you should be concerned about, unless your dog is eating it and consistently throwing up after.
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3 Reasons Your Dog Eats Grass

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