Dogs are at their sassiest when they deliberately choose to disobey you, whether it's an act of pillow-tearing revenge for taking away their favorite toy or just staring you dead in the eye as they drag a slice of pizza off the table. Their entire bodies scream "no regrets," and yet, sometimes it's hard to stay mad. Here are 13 dogs who revel in the fact that their cute faces absolve them of any sort of punishment.
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1. "I smelled yesterday's ravioli in the garbage but my noggin was already halfway in and there was no turning back."
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2. "It was the cat--I swear on all my bones in the backyard."
3. "No one brought me anything back from Starbucks, so you definitely can't get mad. This is too cold now anyway."
9. "If I didn't destroy it, it would have destroyed our family. You're welcome."
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10. You get the flowers, I'll get the dirt! And then I'll dig them up so we can start again!"
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4. "Every 30 seconds I move a half-inch closer. Slow enough to go unnoticed, fast enough to get what I came for."
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5. "How many times have I told you, homework tastes awful. I would never eat that."
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6. "What does you mean, 'You need a bath?' It's only a spot."
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7. "It was just a little bite..."
8. "Gurl, it's time for a shopping trip. Your hamper is full and I found no clean undies in the drawers."
13. "I know you're busy, but I have to make sure you don't leave while I'm unconscious."
11. "The groomer told me not to go out in the humidity without product. I thought she was being excessive."
Source: @wilson_beagle
12. "Indoor sticks are significantly better than outdoor sticks. I am the expert."
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