Zombie Dog Sighted In New Hampshire Town, Please Do Not Pet

Zombie Dog Sighted In New Hampshire Town, Please Do Not Pet

Residents in the quiet New Hampshire town of Merrimack have experienced a terrifying ordeal. Witnesses claim to have seen a grotesque, canine like creature wandering through the local cemetery. Some believe it’s likely a coyote or a sick fox, but here at BarkPost, we’re pretty sure we know what is responsible for the scare…

zombie dog1



When it comes to human zombies the rules are pretty straight forward…


…but Zombie dogs are another story and lead to some pretty important questions, for instance:

Do we pet zombie dogs?


Do Zombie dogs eat humans brains, or only other dogs’ brains?


Are Zombie dogs safe to keep around children?


So many things to ponder. And this isn’t the first time a zombie dog has been spotted. There have been numerous terrifying, yet adorable accounts of zombie dogs, from all over the world.


On the off chance that this isn’t an actual zombie dog but is indeed a coyote or other such typical wild creature, the New Hampshire state wildlife department is asking those who spot said creature to stay away and avoid physical contact. Whether to keep from contracting an illness, or to not risk losing your brain to a zombie dog, they did not specify.

Featured image via @derekdonohoe2 /Instagram

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