Do Dogs Really “Watch” TV?

Do Dogs Really “Watch” TV?

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If you’ve ever curled up with your pup for a nice weekend of TV watching (and who hasn’t?) you might have wondered if your dog is enjoying that Teen Wolf marathon as much as you are. Well, turns out some top-notch science types have asked themselves the same question!

A few researchers have helped paint a reasonably clear picture of your dog’s TV-watching experience.

Dogs are color-blind, but not blind to ALL colors; the color they really can’t see is red. The world isn’t quite black and white for them. It’s more blue and yellow.

Dogs process visual info even faster than humans. So shows on an older TV, with a slightly slower frame rate, might flicker “like a 1920s movie” for dogs, in the words of Nicholas Dodman, a veterinary behaviorist at Tufts University.

Dogs can absolutely tell when a dog is onscreen– and it’s no surprise that their favorite part of pretty much any show is “when the dog came on.” They’ve also got keen ears for their favorite sounds… like a bark, a squeak, or words of praise.

As for their TV preferences? Well, some research has shown that when presented with three screens, dogs can’t decide what to watch, and prefer to watch one screen no matter what is on it. I guess it makes sense not being too picky, when your paws haven’t adapted to use a remote.

Watch TV with your dog!

I decided to watch TV with my buddy Edna and see what she thought. The show? My favorite of course! Mad Men.

It took us a while to really get into the story (Edna is pretty squirrelly), but we managed to watch about nine episodes. Man, where did the day go?

After nine hours of research, I had Edna take a survey!

Good going, Edna! To be honest, I think you got more out of that season than I did.

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