11 Dog Breeds Born To Be Perfect Dog Park Playmates

11 Dog Breeds Born To Be Perfect Dog Park Playmates

Every dog lover knows that not every dog belongs in the dog park. Some pups just prefer to be a homebody or a cuddlebug.

But did you know that some breeds were just born for the dog park? Whether a product of their unique history or their natural environment, some breeds just have certain traits that make them a good fit for the social, athletic event the dog park can be.

So here are 11 social butterfly breeds that make great playmates!

1. Retrievers

Whether Golden or Labrador, Retrievers were made for the dog park. They love running, fetching, and the company of other dogs.

2. Chihuahua

Really? Yes, really. Though you might want to keep them in a small dog pen where available, Chihuahuas are natural dog park enthusiasts who, like any toy, want to be played with.

3. Havanese

Not only do they have perfectly lovely manners, but Havanese enjoy making friends and meeting people. Dog people.

4. English Springer Spaniel

Two words: BIG. JOCKS. These natural athletes will love the dog park for opportunities at displays of agility, and they’re big fans of the pack, meaning they’ll get along great with other pups.

5. Irish Setter

Traditionally a bird dog, the Irish Setter is another social runner who’ll dig in to the whole dog park experience. And they have lots of energy, so you may tire of the dog park before they do.

6. Bernese Mountain Dog

They can handle big crowds and loud noises, which makes the dog park an absolute breeze for these pups. All the barking and playing hardly phases them, and they’ll outplay any other pooch in the park.

7. Puggle

Puggles are known for their independent spirit and friendliness, so the dog park is a perfect place for these pups to let loose and run wild.

8. Harrier

A rare breed, the Harrier is intensely playful. Think of it as a Super Beagle who’s less stubborn than a regular Beagle.

9. Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Say that three times fast! These little pups might be as cute as a button, but they have the hearts of hunters. These balls of energy will make the most of a trip to the dog park, and make a few friends while there (canine and hooman).

10. Black And Tan Coonhound

Known as excellent jogging buddies, these runner pups are an obvious dog park icon. They enjoy their freedom and the dog park is a great place for them to stretch their legs.

11. Briard

If you bother to look beneath all those layers of fluff, you’ll find quite a good pup underneath. These herding dogs should be socialized to other dogs and children properly, but once conditioned they are incredibly loyal and play very well with others.

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