Dog Toy or Sex Toy? Episode 2: The Sweet Tooth

Dog Toy or Sex Toy? Episode 2: The Sweet Tooth

Note: This article alludes to some naughty/beautiful/natural/when-two-people-love-eachother-very-much material and is recommended for human viewers 18 years and over, and canine viewers 3 years and over.

BarkPost’s highbrow and illustrious series, “Dog Toy or Sex Toy’ is back for its latest installment. In Episode 2, six nincompoops (myself included) try to figure out whether this pink, popsicle, toy is made for dogs to play with, or for fun-lovin’ adults…


You’ll think it’s hilarious. I think it’s mortifying. One thing’s for sure, watching it is best time you can have in under a minute …you know, without a toy.

Sorry, world. Sorry, Dad.

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See you guys next week! 😉

Gahhh! Make it stop! Make the awkward stahhhp!

With: Nick Giedris, Will Storie, Tasmai Uppin, Zoe Costello, Dave Stangle and Lauren Drell.
Appearances by: @weirdwiener, @audreythepup and Ziggy the Piggy
Concept by: Laura Hartle, Pil Rim Kim and Nicole Gabriel
Directed by: Laura Hartle and Pil Rim Kim
Edited by: One Glass Video
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