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1. “You can take that picture but I REFUSE to look at the camera.”
2. “But mooooooom, we can’t go to school looking like this… all the cool pups will laugh at us!”
3. “I said I’d wear this ridiculousness, but, I didn’t say I’d behave. This one’s on you.”
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4. “You put my ugly sweater picture on the Internet!?! I can’t show my face in public again.”
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5. “I said no puparazzi!”
6. “Is this revenge for that time I stole your sandwich?”
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7. “I sold out for treats and now I’m regretting it.”
8. “Just because you dressed me up like Grandpa won’t make him like me more. #HesACatPerson.”
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9. “Hipstering it up so I can get through this humilation. #WheresMyMoustache”
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10. “This sweater makes me second guess all your life decisions.”
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11. “Help. Someone. Anyone. Please.”
12. “I’m giving you an early holiday gift. It’s under the tree. You won’t like it. #CuzItsMahPoop”
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Source: People
14. “Talk to my butt.”
15. "If anyone should be dressed like a Christmas tree it's you, human. Someone needs to lay off the cookies this year."
16. "The sweater is, uh, is nice. No, I like it! Really! No, don't cry. Ugh, you do this to me every year."
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16 Pups In Ugly Holiday Sweaters Who Won’t Forget This Moment

We hoomans may love our ugly holiday sweaters and our ugly holiday sweater parties, but these dogs are clearly over our huge obsession. Every single dog here is thinking one thing and one thing alone: #MakeBetterChoicesHooman.