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Emailed on April 10, 2017 04/10/17

Does your dog BLOP?


“Did you say SMILE for the camera? I don't think so.”

intro to blops @Cucumbers via Reddit

Welcome to CUTE ATTACK, your Monday morning medicine. We’re dishing you our favorite dog shtuff at approximately 300 Awws per second. You can even pick what you want to see next week, in the poll at the end! Today’s subject: The gentle, magnificent sassiness of the Blop.

Blop [blɑp]

verb (used without object), blopped, blopping
noun, blopper

  1. To stick out one’s tongue just a teeny tiny bit.
  2. Informal. To convey one’s disregard for the “rules.”

  3. My dog, Noodle, is a frequent involuntary blopper. It’s because he has no teefs.

You know a good Blop when you see it. Some folks might think it’s pretty cute. But personally, I can’t help but think that these dogs are being just the teensiest bit sassy. Like they’re ready to break, well, not ALL the rules, but definitely at least one rule. If you don’t catch ‘em.

Bloppin’ dogs who are giving you just the teensiest bit of sass

1. This Pup who's had just enough of chores, for now, maybe.

bertie blop @BertieBarks via Instagram

“Need my help putting away laundry? Well how about… Nyeah!… anyway I'll get that for you in a second.”

2. This swashbuckling pirate with plunder on the mind, sorta.

Aye blop @MaruHusky via Instagram

“Yarr, show me where ya buried the bone, or I’ll make you walk the plank! …Or walk like half of it, just so you see how scary it is. Then you can come back.”

3. This blippy bloppy Chihuahua who’s ready to monkey around… a little.

Monkey blop @edamame114 via Instagram

“Watch out Ma, cuz I’m ready to stir up some trouble! STEP ONE: leave banana peel on the floor. STEP TWO: Wait ten minutes or so before I pick it up.”

4. This travelin’ Malamute cranking the sass-meter up to 6.

smush faced blop @Maximus.And.Titan via Instagram

“BLOP! HAH, I got you good, Pops! P.S. Are we gonna be home soon? I’m sleepy and wanna cuddle with ya.”

5. This snarky Shiba who's gonna ruin your day, or maybe not.

Shibelop @ZombieeDee via Reddit

“Guess who just chewed a hole in your underwear?? …or, let me rephrase that. Guess who REALLY THOUGHT ABOUT MAYBE DOING IT for a second?”

6. This slighty salty sleeping giant… bread loaf.

Arep@OldFriendsSeniorDogSanctuary via Reddit

“Oh what’s that, you say it’s time to wake up? Well I’m gonna sleep… TEN MORE MINUTES! HA!”

7. And this kinda-sassy Taco-tongued wonder-doge.

teeniest tiniest blop that ever blopped@Muratovicko via Reddit

“Hey look- I can make a better taco than you can! Nyeah nyeah! …But also may I please lick that plate when you’re done? I’ll be good I swear.”

Now you know the telltale sign of the blop. And if your dog blops at you, watch out! You might be on the receiving end of the teeniest tiniest gentlest little pinch… of sass.

Happy Blopping!

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Emailed on April 10, 2017 04/10/17