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Why Do Dogs Destroy Toys?

Why does my dog destroy toys?

"Why are you surprised? I descended from wolves, human!"

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Welcome to Cool Dog Science. We’re digging up our favorite funky dog facts and fascinating pup studies, marking them with our signature weirdness, and dropping them at your doorstep. This week's topic: Why does my dog destroy toys?

Is your dog a reckless little toy destroyer? Have you found that your pups shred their toys all the time without warning? You might be thinking, “Well I guess my dog is a rotten no-good troublemakin’ son of a gun.”

Guess again, Cowboy! As it turns out, it’s less about your dog being a Naughty Nancy. The reasons might be nicer than you expect…

The unexpected reasons your dog destroys their toys…

They straight-up love it!
Tearing up a toy reduces stress, ends boredom, and gives your dog a sense of accomplishment. Even if that accomplishment can be summed up as “left shreds of tiger-patterned fabric all over the living room.”

pimm at workVia Giphy

They’re smart as heck.
Sometimes an extra-smart, extra-energetic dog needs an extra something from their playtime. If your dog needs more exercise or more stimulation, they might start solving an equation: “TOY – FLUFF = AWESOME"

Zeus@ZeusAgainstBSL via Instagram

They love a chewing challenge.
Size isn't everything! A Chihuahua can be just as tough a chewer as a big ol' Bulldog. Sometimes toys get destroyed just because you've got your dog playing Easy Mode, and they're ready to Level Up.

dude and bro@The_Dude_And_Bro_Show via Instagram

They’re hungry like the wolf.
Q) How is your dog's destruction like a red wine stain?
A) It stays in the genes for thousands of years (Har, har.) Think of a nature show where a wolf is chowing down on their helpless prey… now think of the squeakiest, fluffiest, sweetest version of that. That’s your dog!

bella@BellaAmyNYC via Instagram

Can humans destroy too??

Since dogs destroy their toys for fun, and to work out their extra mental and physical energy, I figured I'd give it a try too. I'm a pretty energetic dude! And if little Andi can rip up a toy…

Andi in action

Then I'm pretty sure I can too! How hard can it be?

will destroys toy. not

To be honest, this took a lot longer than I hoped it would. But the results speak for themselves!


Whoa, I think I have a future in the destruction biz! Watch out, folks! Don't invite me into your home!

Toy destruction: it's actually kinda cool. Spread the word!

Do you have video or photo evidence of your dog's ability to obliterate toys? You can upload them here or share them on Instagram with #DestroyersClub.


Email Archive
Emailed on April 19, 2017 04/19/17