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Emailed on April 21, 2017 04/21/17

OK Google, How do I get rid of cat?

TDIF: Dog Google Searches.

"Why do humans eat with their front paws?"

dog googling embarrassing things @Freshpet via YouTube

Welcome to Thank Dog It's Friday (TDIF!), when we dig up our goofiest, most ridiculous stories, just for you. If things don’t get weird, we’re doing something wrong. This week: If dogs Googled things.

Soooo if you've ever left for work and kept your laptop open, you might wanna run home and check what your dog's up to. Because we happened upon a dog's Google search history. And, well… let's just say they've got a lot going on.

dog googling Via Giphy

What dogs Google when you're not looking…

1. They wonder about you.

mom work

where my mom@Bulldogod via Instagram

2. They rage against the world.


thunder dog@GraycieWhatDog via Instagram

3. They make vacation plans.

best place to poop

poop@XenaKoira via Instagram

4. They cook up schemes.

stack boxes

kitchen dogs@NataliaCzoch via Instagram

5. And they question their… uh… status.

humped by terrier

humped@JCastleman1234 via YouTube

You might consider putting a search filter on your computer. There's a lot of stuff on the internet your dog just shouldn't see!

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Email Archive
Emailed on April 21, 2017 04/21/17