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Letters Of Recommendation, Written By Dogs

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"Shaggy's an above average snacking partner. He lets me eat whenever I want, which is often, and he offers comfort when I'm scared by a ghost, which is often."


Welcome to Thank Dog It's Friday (TDIF!), when we dig up our goofiest, most ridiculous stories, just for you. If things don’t get weird, we’re doing something wrong. This week, we're sharing excerpts from recommendation letters for humans... written by their dogs.

Nothing beats the feeling of coming home after a long workday to the coolest dude on planet Arf. As soon as you open the door, the 9-5 concerns melt away and your life is all cuddles, fetch, and slobbery kisses! That's one of the reasons we loved this question on Quora. Who better to vouch for you than the little fuzzbutt who sees you at your best? So we asked some of our dogs (or our closest dog friends) to write letters for some of us here at BARK.

Letters of Recommendation, Written by Dogs

1. Emma (written by Frank the English Bulldog)

FrankWill S. via Bark

"Emma has been a satisfactory intern, whenever my Dad is on another floor for a meeting. She has shared snacks faithfully and reliably, and has been willing to give space on the chair when necessary."

2. Brian (written by Ralph the Cockapoo)

Ralph@RalphiePoops via Instagram

"Brian has performed suitably in his time as my designated human. I admire his diligence in brushing weird stuff out of my fur, and giving me space to attend to my essential duties of barking at the people and digging up anything I can find. Also he's proven a capable dancer, which is important because I prefer to be danced with gently before bedtime."

3. Will (written by Pimm the Chihuahua mix)

Pimm@PimmPup via Instagram

"Will has done good work as my Duncle (or 'Dog Uncle,' as some would call it.) He's willing to throw himself into the task at hand, whether it's throwing a squeaky toy, or rassling on the floor. My one big concern is his "no treats" policy, which he says 'means the dogs love me for me!,' but I view with firm suspicion. Would suggest he get more generous as we go into the 4th Quarter."

4. Tazz (written by Benji the Terrier mix)

Benji@TheDogInABag via Instagram

"Tazz has been exceptional in her position as my human. She has gone above and beyond in providing snacks, and has shown a willingness to 'go the extra mile' by carrying me around in a bag, whenever I'm not in the mood to walk. She's also an excellent nap facilitator, as her arms are perfectly functional as a cradle."

5. Jonathan (written by Noodle the Pug)

Noodle@ShowMeNoodz via Instagram

"I have many concerns with Jonathan. The dinner he feeds me, while rich in nutrition, does not have the exact precise to-the-milliliter quantity of chicken broth dribbled on top that I asked for, and the bed he provides for me, while quite warm and soft and spacious, is clearly not covered with Venetian silk. He is good at holding me in the pool, though."

What would your dog write in your letter of recommendation? Send it to us, with a picture!

Do you know a dog who'd like to give a recommendation for their human? Share!

Have you ever wondered about the kind of LOR (letter of recommendation) your dog would give you? What do you think it'd be? Write it in to us!


Email Archive
Emailed on August 4, 2017 08/04/17