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Emailed on February 13, 2017 02/13/17

Cute Attack: In honor of "Sploot"

Show us your Pitties!

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Can we get a hoot hoot for the sploot??

Aww @FluffyM0chi via Instagram

Welcome to CUTE ATTACK, your Monday morning medicine. We’re dishing you our favorite dog shtuff at approximately 300 Awws per second. You can even pick what you want to see next week, in the poll below! Today’s subject:The insanely adorable SPLOOT!

What is the sploot, you may ask? Let's get the answer from our favorite, most trusty source: Urban Dictionary!

Definition of Sploot Via Urban Dictionary

We’re equal splootertunists here, so we believe that all breeds can sploot and it’s just as cute. Keep reading for proof!


1. One of these sploots is not like the others.

Sploot attack @KrebStar3000 via Imgur

"Don’t be scared, ladies. I’m just a rebel who plays by my own rules."

2. The Drama Queen Sploot

Drama queen sploot @Oom23 via Reddit

"The holes I dug, the bones I’ve lost… some mornings I just sploot here and remember…"

3. Sploot Nouveau.

Sploot Nouveau @Rawbee3d via Reddit

"I call it the front sploot. It’s the hot new sploot."

4. The Pink-Pawed Puppy Sploot

Pink pawed sploot TRISHAYYY via Imgur

"I don't know how to do my business outside but I sure know how to sploot!"

5. The Awkward Smile Sploot.

Awk smile sploot @Oom23 via Reddit


6. The "I Can't Even" Sploot.

Nautical twins @CaineOnAmelia via Instagram

"When life gives you lemons, make a sploot."

7. The Vet Office Sploot.

Vet office sploot @Oom23 via Reddit

"Say there won’t be shots and I’ll unsploot."

From the above images, one can surmise that there are many different kinds of sploots. What's your dog's specialty sploot? Send your pup's sploot pics in with a caption and we might feature them in an upcoming email!

Oh, and don't forget to vote below for what you'd like to see in your inbox next week. Yeah, it's a tough choice.

Nautical twins

Who doesn't like sploots? No one. So share 'em with your friends!

Do you have a champion splooter? We wanna see so we can give their sploot the cute credit it deserves!


Email Archive
Emailed on February 13, 2017 02/13/17