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Emailed on February 15, 2017 02/15/17

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Helper Dog Harlow is ALWAYS happy to help.

Happy to help @Helper_Dog_Harlow via Instagram

Welcome to Puplifting Moments, where we bring you our favorite stories about people making life better for pups- and pups making life better for people. This week we’re sharing the sweet story of Harlow the Helper Dog and his human, Jaquie.

This is Jaquie Blake, AKA Chronically Jaquie.

Harlow the Helper Dog and her human, Jaquie @Helper_Dog_Harlow via Instagram

Jaquie, a young woman in Florida, has spent over eight years battling multiple chronic illnesses and disorders, including asthma, allergies, chronic migraines, anaphylaxis, narcolepsy, epilepsy, and more.

But Jaquie doesn’t let her illnesses stop her from living a complete and happy life. And when she struggles, she can always count on Harlow, her service pup in training.

Harlow @Helper_Dog_Harlow via Instagram

Harlow helps Jaquie accomplish many tasks that might otherwise be too painful or difficult. Like doing laundry…

Harlow doing laundry @Helper_Dog_Harlow via Instagram

Or bringing Jaquie a blanket for warmth...

Harlow brings blankie @Helper_Dog_Harlow via Instagram

Or retrieving a bottle of water from the refrigerator.

Harlow getting a bottle of water @Helper_Dog_Harlow via Instagram

Jacquie and Harlow do an amazing job of raising awareness about service dogs and living with chronic illness. Jaquie talks about her illnesses, treatments, and life with Harlow on her YouTube channel. And of course, Harlow’s Instagram is full of amazing pup pictures- and plenty of insights on their life together.

aww @Helper_Dog_Harlow via Instagram

Together, Jaquie and Harlow make an incredible team. Keep fighting the good fight, Jaquie and Harlow!

If you could train your dog to help you with one chore, what would it be?

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Email Archive
Emailed on February 15, 2017 02/15/17