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Emailed on February 17, 2017 02/17/17

Ziggy’s Top Secret Diary - Do Not Read

Show us your Pitties!


"Do girls think I'm cute? …How do I know?"

Awkward zig

Welcome to Thank Dog It's Friday (TDIF!), when all bets are off and you never know what goofy, ridiculous email we’ll dig up for you. Today: some top-secret stuff from one of our favorite mutts…

Editor’s note- one of the most beloved office dogs at BarkPost is our friend Ziggy. He’s a sweet, awkward mutt who’s always looking for a way to fit in with the people and pups around him. He can be a little… sensitive. We went snooping through his diary recently and found some, well, pretty strange stuff. Poor guy, you know how awkward those teen years can be!

Dog sneaking onto bus

Dog sneaking onto bus

Uh oh. Dried poop

Snacks in bed

happy pee

Pls love me, dog

There you have it! Poor Ziggy. Even if you feel a little awkward sometimes, you're still our top dog.

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Do you have a dingusy dog like Ziggy? Send us photo and video evidence because at BarkPost, we absolutely love a good awkward dog. #SoRelatable #WeAreAlsoSoAwkward


Email Archive
Emailed on February 17, 2017 02/17/17