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Emailed on February 2, 2017 02/02/17

Silly smiles.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! We love all of you!

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Happy Groundhog Day, Fam!

We wrote this before Punxsutawney Phil did his thang, but for the sake of these sun-bathing beauties, we hope he didn’t see his shadow.

These pups need to keep up their golden tan. Thank you to Jack for sending in this perfect example of #squadgoals.

Be one with the table.

If you’re looking for more reader submitted pics, you’re in luck! Because it’s time for Pick of the Litter!!! Please imagine air horn noises as you read that. Thank you for your cooperation.

Best of the Silly Smiles

We get a lot of goofy smiles in our inbox, which is definitely the best part of this job. Here are a few of my personal faves.

If that is not the face of a doggo that just let out a massive fart, I don’t know what is.

oh Lab, we feel you

Here’s a smile that says, “It’s not begging if I politely ask for a bite of your sandwich.”


Be sure to send in more wacky smiles! I truly cannot get enough.

This week in “We knew we could count on you guys”

Last week, we showed you some doges who were resting in positions that could not possibly be comfortable, and you all PULLED THROUGH and sent us more hilarious pics.

We’ve got the classic paw-to-wall position...

oh Lab, we feel you

the ever-popular head on a chair…


and finally, belly to the sky.


Good stuff, folks. Good stuff.

If you’ve been holding on to photographic proof that your dog is the funniest… stop it! Send it in! We wanna see.


Email Archive
Emailed on February 2, 2017 02/02/17