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Emailed on February 6, 2017 02/06/17

Cute Attack: It's Pitties in PAJAMAS!!!

Show us your Pitties!

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Did you know that if you rub a Pittie's belly, your wish will come true?

Aww @The_BlueBoys via Instagram

Welcome to CUTE ATTACK, your Monday morning medicine. We’re dishing you our favorite dog shtuff at approximately 300 Awws per second. Today’s subject: PITTIES IN PAJAMAS!

When Pitties finish up a long day of playing, laughing, and generally doing anything they can to make you smile all day long, they love to squeeze their PJ’s over their big boxy heads and cuddle up for a long sleepy time.

Two widely known Pit Bull facts:
(1) They’re velvety burritos of Love and Joy.
(2) They rock bedtime fashion like nobody’s business.
Yeah, we can prove it.


1. These Pitties racing to the couch.

Pitties ready to couch Via Pajamas for Pit Bulls Kickstarter

♫ Dashing through the snoooow, with your butt-flap open yaaaay…♫

2. This Dreamboat, tucked in and ready to snooze.

Pittie smiles @The_BlueBoys via Instagram

"Here’s my tip: fart before bedtime for an extra warm blankie.”

3. This sweet lil’ baby ready for your cuddles.

Omg he said what? @The_BlueBoys via Instagram

“Hood up, jazz leg out, I’m ready to tap my way to naptime.”

4. This bear and his boo.

Pittie boo and his teddy bear @BlueStaffy via Instagram

“Ain’t nothin comes between my and my honey. Not even honey.”

5. These nautical Staffies settin’ a course for Dreamland.

Nautical twins @The_BlueBoys via Instagram

“Nothing beats a night in your own harbor, isn’t that right Muffy?”

6. This sleepy pup and her guardian angel.

Lexy the Elderbull @Lexy_the_Elderbull via Instagram

“With Jaws on my side, the monsters under the bed don’t stand a chance.”

7. This sleepy pup and her annoying little sisters.

tiny tongue sticking out @RoofusAndKilo via Instagram

“Devin, Julie, we talked about this. When the jammies are on, playtime is over!”

Happy Monday, folks! And if you have some Pitties of pajamas in your own, snuggle ‘em up and send us a pic! You’ll make our dreams come true.

And if you'd like more, you can click here and we'll send MORE PIBBLES your way, tomorrow!

For the love of Pitties, share 'em with your friends!

Seriously, everyone who wants to show us their Pitties, this is a place of work, so please please please send those our way.


Email Archive
Emailed on February 6, 2017 02/06/17