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Emailed on January 11, 2017 01/11/17

Zoomin' floof

Greetings and Salutations!

It is kind of, sort of, maybe almost the weekend, right??

It better be because this is us zooming out of the office:

pyoooommmm Josh Hindle via Dogspotting Group on Facebook

Cue Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer.” We are halfway there, guys. Half. Way. There.


Scared that this week will never end? Well, can’t hide it from your pup.

Science Minute

Your dog really can smell fear

cuuuute Via WiffleGif

Italian researchers in Veterinary Medicine recently conducted a study that showed that dogs use different nostrils to smell different scents, indicating that they can differentiate between fear and calmness.

  • The scientists collected scents via sweat from both dogs and humans.
  • Some sweat was collected during moments of fear and isolation. Other samples were produced during moments of joy and excitement. :D
  • The researchers noticed that dogs consistently used their right nostril when sniffing sweat produced by isolated dogs, while the left nostril was frequently used to assess samples corresponding with human fear.

While this might not be a comfort to your unfortunate friend who is afraid of dogs, it does reaffirm what we already knew: dogs are truly incredible.

What nostril do they use when you put on too much Axe?

Cool stuff we picked up at the dog park

One of these baked potatoes is not like the others.

pug hug Storyful via Facebook

There's nothing sweeter than watching a little lump turn into a brand-new dog person. Welcome to the club, kiddo!

PS: your "I must- I must- I have to- I must pet this" face? Yeah… we've all got that.

I've never seen a pug move that quickly.

Stella is back and more perfect than ever

Remember that time we wrote about Stella the braking dog? No? You can check that out here. But anyway back to this.

Stella The Pet Collective via Facebook

If you're spending your winter doing anything other than hiding under a pile of blankets and double-checking Netflix for new episodes of Teen Wolf, then I'm impressed. So, yes, Stella, I am impressed.


10 reasons your dog is staring at you right now

10 reasons BarkBox via Facebook

Turns out they’re not staring at you because you’re breathtakingly gorgeous. Well, at least not totally. (Believe me, we noticed your haircut and you look F A B U L O U S.)

Your dog might also be staring at your sandwich.

Doing good for dogs

Six-year-old girl rescues stray dog that no one else could

Daisy via NBC Bay Area News

Daisy was adopted by a family in Hollister, CA. Just two days later, she escaped from their backyard and ran away.

Two months passed as members of the Hollister Animal Lost & Found community searched for Daisy and repeatedly attempted - and repeatedly failed - to capture her. Every time they got close, she got far away. Cage traps and baiting with smelly foods weren't working either.

Enter Karen Topping and her six-year-old daughter, Meghan. Apparently, the Topping family had fostered Daisy for a few weeks, and in that time, Daisy and Meghan had formed an incredible bond. But would that bond be enough to break through to Daisy? Or had too much time passed? Karen and Meghan were about to find out.

Read the full story here!

All right, that's all for today. See you again soon.


Email Archive
Emailed on January 11, 2017 01/11/17