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Emailed on January 12, 2017 01/12/17

Hello my Pick of the Litter Mates!

So we’ve officially made it into the grumpy part of winter. Gone are the “Oh my goodness the snow is so beautiful and so pure, let’s eat cookies!!!” days of winter. Now it’s the “If you don’t hurry up and poop right now, I may have to amputate my toes and meanwhile, where are my cookies??” part of winter.

We all have our methods of coping with the frigid snow. (Pro tip: use your dog’s armpits as handwarmers.) For me, it’s laying in bed while I watch a 4-hour long video of dogs romping while classical music plays that is meant to entertain your pup when you’re not home. It’s called “Dog Meditation” and it’s amazing. It’s on Amazon. You’re welcome.

ANYWAY. You all sent us some great examples of how your fuzzbutts make the best of a bitterly cold situation, so we thought we’d share with the group, because everyone could use some joyful inspiration this time of year.

Dog refuses to accept that snow is a thing

not. into. it. OscarFrenchieNYC via Instagram

Oscar the Frenchie is less coping, and more just denying the existence of snow. More than anything, Oscar is providing a dictionary definition of “can’t even.” Next time I can’t make it though my aerobics class, I’m just going to dead slide over to the instructor and show them this gif of the Frenchie who gets it. Just kidding.

I don’t do aerobics.

Do you wanna build a snowman?


Sorry, I know everyone is over Frozen at this point, but that song is catchy AF. Also, Juju is for sure not over it. Look. At. Her. Go.

While her snowball-making form is less Elsa and friends and more “Back it Up” by Prince Royce, she still knows that this classic activity is a great way to get over a cold snap.


If we are going to talk about balls, we would be FOOLS not to mention Petey and his enormous soccer ball.

Circus Petey

You GUYS. Petey is a Great Dane. Do you even understand how big this ball is??

Perfect Form

That ball could house a family of 8 and still have a spare room for guests.

Hover Petey

Okay I know that we should be focusing on how great Petey is and his obvious grace...

Such grace

BUT THIS BALL THO!!! But also, that LEAP. You’re killing the game, Petey. Just slaughtering.

Big dogs, bigger ball

OMG big dogs playing with a big ball, be still my heart. This is like the first time I saw someone hold a Golden Retriever like a baby. IT FEELS THAT GOOD.

Chilly outside? Chill inside.

Finally, when all else fails, you can take a cue from this Husky named Julie.

Chillin JulietTheHusky via Instagram

Juliet gets it. She’s just living her best life and is willing to share her Netflix password so that you can too. Get it, Juliet!

Share all these pups with friends!

That’s all for today, folks. Be sure to send us the best pics and vids of your pup and we may share them next week!

Stay warm!


Email Archive
Emailed on January 12, 2017 01/12/17