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Emailed on January 20, 2017 01/20/17

Hi, guys. It’s Tazz and I’m here to give you a never before seen sneak peek into the secret world of our company’s workings.

So, at work we have this thing called Slack that we use internally to chat and catch up. We also use it for whimsical things like ... annoying coworkers (Seriously though, most days we’re all a bunch of 13 year olds.)

Our insanely talented dev team's coded some shortcuts into Slack. One of them is that every time you type the word Bijou, photos of our coworker's dog pops up. Here it is in action:

Bijou spam in real time

Anyhoo, the conversation below is us trying to annoy our co-worker, Lauren by spamming her with lots of BIJOUS. Enjoy!

When you spam people with pictures of your dog because your dog is the cutest dog in all the land

It starts out with one person spamming Lauren...

Bijou on the couch

Bijou cuddling mini Bijou

Bijou's modelling head shot

Bijou on the toilet

And then turns into a bunch of other coworkers joining in on the Bijou-ing... (Yes, I’ve coined a term for spamming Bijous and I’m calling it Bijou-ing)

Bijou and her blue bandana

Bijou in the car

Bijou in her towel toga

She’s so smooshy though. It’s not really spamming so much as it is sharing cute pictures of a super floofy dog…

Bijou practicising her pose

omg Bijou

Bijou blowing a raspberry

Just look at that adordable, cute af face! It's like a breath of fresh air in the middle of your work day.

Bijou and her bandana head piece

Bijou nailing her airport look

Bijou on her tiny yoga mat

While the Bijou-ing continued, I had to cut it short so I didn't OVERLOAD your inboxes. Needless to say, our mission was successful and Lauren was thoroughly annoyed.

You can now go back to your regular programming. However, if you're a little disappointed that there aren't more pics of this fluffbutt you can go check her out here.

**Editor’s note: Shhhh. No one knows I’m doing this by the way and what I’m sharing above is for your eyes only. But, between you and me, if you wanted to share it with your friends and family, I wouldn’t tell anyone.

Spam your friends with Bijou!

Ever spammed your friend with pictures of your dog? Who're we kidding. Of course you have. Send us the proof and we might just feature it in an upcoming email! We're waiting.


Tazz: Writer/Editor, likes Bijou but LOVES Benji; @TheDogInABag
Will: Contributor, favorite Bijou is towel Bijou
Bijou: Model, handkerchief game always on point

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Email Archive
Emailed on January 20, 2017 01/20/17