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Emailed on January 23, 2017 01/23/17

We all know Mondays are ruff, but this dog really gets it.

binky dog Addicted2Groove via Imgur

Hi there, Doodles and Doxies,

“It’s a binky kind of morning, mom!! Just let me LIVE.”

If you’re having a binky kind of morning, we've got some stuff to help you get through it.

Husky judges friend for doofy antics.

doofus husky Addicted2Groove via Imgur

We've all been the Husky on the right...and if we're being completely, totally, 100% honest... we've all also been the silly Husky on the left. #NoShame

What these Huskies share is a friendship that looks out for each other... and calls it like it is. Just like this Imgur commentor pointed out.

imgur comment Addicted2Groove via Imgur

After all, what are friends for if not to judge you and tell you that you're making an ass of yourself?

Where do we sign up to get this dog as a partner for that trust fall exercise at the office retreat?


If you're looking to forge some bonding and camaraderie on your work team, here's a tip: skip the trust falls. Get everyone together and just watch these guys instead.

This tip brought to you by BarkPost Consulting LLC Ltd™. Our fee is 100 moldy tennis balls; please have these submitted to our payroll dept. by Tuesday.

We have found the jelly roll of dogs.

This is our last attempt to get you through the Monday blues.

jelly roll shar pei BuzzFeed Animals via Facebook

TELL ME THIS DOG IS NOT THE CUTEST, SQUISHIEST THING YOU’VE EVER SEEN. Where’s the butter? Because I want to take a bite out of those rolls.

So how ya feelin’? Monday a bit easier? We hope so.


Email Archive
Emailed on January 23, 2017 01/23/17