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Emailed on January 30, 2017 01/30/17

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“Hi, I can’t come into work today because I’m too cute and fluffy. Surely you understand.”

Too cute and fluffy Spudzer150 via Imgur

Happy Monday, Wieners and Weims!

For everyone who can’t use the ol’ fluffy excuse, we’ve got some schtuff you’ll ruv to get you through your Monday morning.

You Betta Twerk!

puppy twerks DailyMail via Jukin Media

I would HATE to go clubbing with this pup because her moves would undoubtedly steal ALL the attention on the dance floor. I must admit, it’s a weird feeling to know that a dog is a better dancer than you are. I attempted twerking more than I’d care to say, but have never gotten anywhere close to this level of coordination and pizazz. Probably because my butt is just not as adorable. I may not dance with this dog, but I will ALWAYS dance for my dog.

Lil pupper cleans up after himeself

Puppy cleans it's own pee Mashable via Twitter

Puppies are not known for being the best roommates. They’re messy, noisy, and often take your stuff without asking. But Pablo is different. The little pibble pup had an accident in the bathroom, but then did his darndest to clean it up. I honestly can’t say that my human roommates would do the same, once again proving that dogs are better than people.

When your roommate asks you who ate her leftovers

Boston terrier ate the leftovers Addicted2Groove via Imgur

"Who ate the? Oh I don't know! We had the exterminator in the other day, maybe it was him? Hey look over there!" *flees*

Also, we couldn't agree with this Imgur commentator:

imgur comment Addicted2Groove via Imgur

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Hope we gave you a little boost to get through Monday! We’ll be back soon with more barktastic content.


Email Archive
Emailed on January 30, 2017 01/30/17