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Emailed on January 6, 2017 01/06/17

Top Dogs of Snapchat (whatever that is)

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Hey, happy Friday, Barkfolks!

I’m Will, a writer at BarkPost. This week my editor Tazz wanted me to write up this list of awesome, adorable dogs from Snapchat.

To be totally honest with you, I’m not 100% clear on what Snapchat is or how it works. But I do know dogs, and I’m of the firm opinion that dogs look pretty awesome in any setting. So without further ado!

Here are some dogs that will make you say “TWO THUMBS UP!” or "monkey face emoji" or "cherry emoji" or however it is that one registers approval on Snapchat



I have a few coworkers who might’ve been better qualified to write this email, but they’re really busy with their Snapchat stories.



nails did


Fart Kelly


Like for real, sometimes a coworker points their phone at me and a Snapchat happens. And I’m not sure who can see them.



bean bag massacre


It’s not like I’ve never heard of Snapchat. Like, my girlfriend and I have played with the filters sometimes? We are very bad at face swap. I’m not even gonna show you. Look at this guy instead:





I know that the pictures only last for ten seconds. Or maybe you can change how long they’re there? But then they go away forever. Unless you can keep them. But, uh, do you save them in the app, or in the cloud… or somewhere?

big mutts


I’m 30. Someone please tell me if I’m exactly the right age to understand Snapchat or exactly the right age to not understand Snapchat. Help me out here guys.



I would’ve tried to download Snapchat for this article but then I’d have to update my OS, but I haven’t done that in like 2 years and at this point I’m just refusing out of principle.

club pugs




The moral of the story is: You can absolutely write about dogs for the internet, even if you don’t 100% know how to use a phone, as long as you friggin love dogs.

Have a good weekend, Snapchaps! And if you have any fantastic dog snaps, send them to one of my coworkers who has Snapchat! (or take a screenshot and email us. I wanna see them too.)


Email Archive
Emailed on January 6, 2017 01/06/17