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Emailed on July 28, 2017 07/28/17

Sun, sand, miles of beach and... DOGS?!

Puppy Island!

“Can’t you see it, Jim? It’s an island. It’s an island full of puppies as far as the eye can see.”

potcake 1 Via Potcake Place

Welcome to Puplifting Moments, where we bring you our favorite stories about people making life better for pups - and pups making life better for people. This week, we’re writing about an island in the Caribbean where you can hang out with adoptable puppies all day long. In other words: paradise!

On the island of Providenciales, in Turks and Caicos, in the Caribbean, there’s a very special placed called Potcake Place.

potcake 2 @CirocInMyMimosa via Instagram

Here, surrounded by beautiful beaches and tropical life, you can walk and care for and play with the most adorable little puppies you’ve ever seen, all while enjoying an incredibly relaxing vacation. No, this isn’t a dream - this is real life. And it’s amazing.

With the help of an all-volunteer staff, Potcake Place - founded by Jane Parker-Rauw - has been saving stray island dogs since 2005. The rescue has an average of 50-70 adoptable pups in its care at any given time, and nearly 500 dogs are adopted out every single year. That’s a whole lot of Potcakes.

And what exactly is a Potcake, you ask?

potcake 3 Via Potcake Place

The Potcake breed is typically a mix of Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd and English Fox Terrier and weighs in at 40-50 pounds. They’re known for their mellow temperaments and sweet smiles. The name itself comes from the locals scraping off congealed peas and rice from their pots to feed them.

Because these dogs were often uneasy around strangers, Parker-Rauw thought it would be a great idea to let them hang out with the various locals and vacationing visitors to help them socialize and prepare them to be adopted.

potcake 4 Via Potcake Place

For those humans who’d like spend their day with these precious, perfect canines - and really, who says no to that? - Potcake Place provides you with a dog bowl, a water bottle, toys, treats, and poop bags. The dogs must be harnessed, leashed, and collared at all times, and any, uhm, “number twos” that they produce must be picked up and disposed of. It’s also recommended that the dogs be kept in the shade for any prolonged period of time.

But what happens if you fall in love with your chosen Potcake? What happens if one hang session just isn’t enough?

dog lover's dream come true Via Potcake Place

Well, that part’s easy, because each of the dogs is adoptable. If you fall in love with one, all you have to do is sign some papers, take the little guy or girl home with you, and promise to love him or her forever.

If you’d like to help Potcake Place continue helping these dogs, considering donating to the cause. You can also follow the Potcake Place on Facebook for updates.

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Email Archive
Emailed on July 28, 2017 07/28/17