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Emailed on July 3, 2017 07/03/17

4th Of July Tips From Patriotic Pups!

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"Fireworks, schmireworks. I'd take a grilled hot dog over 'em ANY day."

July husky@WagYourTailPhoto via Instagram

Welcome to CUTE ATTACK, your Monday morning medicine. We’re dishing you our favorite dog shtuff at approximately 300 Awws per second. Today’s subject: 4th of July tips for your dog!

The 4th of July is a delightful time for us humans, but it can be a stressful time for our dogs. As you’ve probably noticed, dogs can get pretty upset with fireworks. The explosive sounds and smoky smells can send a panicked pup into flight mode, making July 4th one of the biggest seasons every year for pets running off and going missing.

So to help you keep your dog safe this July 4th, we got some tips from the most patriotic pups we know! We hope their advice helps you enjoy a happy Independence Day, with as little stress as possible for your little fuzzbutt.

Patriotic Pups Share Their July 4th Tips

1. Find out the plan

Bro dog@HairyJuneBugs via Instagram

“If your neighborhood has a fireworks display planned, find out when and where! And if you’re inviting friends over to set off their own fireworks, give ‘em a heads up about my sensitive ears. This’ll help make sure I’m inside when the fireworks start.”

2. Double check your IDs

stinker@SullyDoodle via Instagram

“Make sure all my ID’s are up-to-date! Check that my collar’s on and my tags have the right address & phone number… make sure my microchip is updated with all the right info, too. If I zip off when the fireworks go off, you’ll know you have the best possible chance of tracking me down.”

3. Keep your pup indoors, if you can!

fireworks@CrateEscapeJonesboro via Instagram

“Keep me inside, and maybe even put up baby gates, to keep me from darting off. Draw the curtains to keep out the crazy light flashes, and turn on the TV or radio to try and dampen the sounds outside. Every little bit helps calm me down! …And if you can’t keep me indoors, do what you can to keep me away from the fireworks.”

4. Make a safe space just for your dog

foldy hound@HaleysHoundHaus via Instagram

“You can even set up a room in the house just for me! All my fave toys and warm comfy bedding, maybe even a lil’ hiding spot. I might just need a place where it’s okay to just run and hide when I feel scared.”

5. Spend time with your dog before the big show

outside tastes great@MisterJaxie via Instagram

“Gimme a long walk in the day to help me use up all my energy by nightfall. If I’m sleepier, I might be calmer. “And let’s schedule dinnertime before the fireworks, because I might be too anxious to eat afterward.”

6. Set a good example for your pup

Uncle sam@Kirstin.N.Critters via Instagram

“I know you wanna snuggle me and cuddle me when I’m whimpering and scared, but don’t give me tooooo much love… you might accidentally teach me to panic more often! Just try and stay calm around me, because I take my cues from you! If you’re calm, it helps me keep calm.”

7. If you need more help- ask an expert!

boston twin@Dec_The_Big_Red_Dog via Instagram

“Call up your vet for suggestions of calming treats, or a thundershirt, or other products that could help me stay calm when the fireworks start. They know even more than me!”

Aright folks, you know what to do! We hope you and your pups enjoy a safe and happy Independence Day. And if you have a patriotic pup of your own, send us a picture!

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Email Archive
Emailed on July 3, 2017 07/03/17