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Emailed on July 7, 2017 07/07/17

Draw Your Dog And Mail It In To Us!

Draw Your Dog

Best Wiener pic we've ever received.

shower thoughtsJessica M. via Bark

Welcome to Thank Dog It's Friday (TDIF!), when we dig up our goofiest, most ridiculous stories, just for you. If things don’t get weird, we’re doing something wrong. This week, we've got a simple request: draw your dog!

Calling all artists, doodlers, and everybody who loves their pup! We wanna see drawings of dogs– any dog, any medium.

Not only will we feature our faves in an email– your dog doodle could even get a place of honor in the Bark office in New York. More details below!

To get your wheels turning, here are some samples from our coworkers at Bark:

Oh, the dogs you can draw!

1. You can draw a dog straight outta your imagination.

will's dogWill S. via Bark

katie's dogKatie L. via Bark

2. You can draw your coworker's dog!

tina drawing meghan's dogTina C. via Bark

jordan draws noodzJordan D. via Bark

3. You can draw your own dog… with ink & paper…

zoe's ziggyZoe C. via Bark

…or on the computer…

kiri dogKiri B. via Bark

…or even a quick doodle!

giselleCo L. via Bark

They all look great to me, because they're all pictures of darn good dogs. And there's no work of art quite like your pup.

Two ways to share your drawing with us…
• Reply to this email & attach a pic! We'll be sharing our favorites in a follow-up email in a couple weeks.
• Mail in your drawing, for the office art wall! The address to mail is: BarkPost Art / 221 Canal Street, 2nd Floor / New York 10013. (We probably won't be able to return anything you mail in, so if it's a drawing you want to keep, send us a copy!)

Have friends who doodle dogs? Let 'em know!

Happy doodlin', folks! We can't wait to hear back from you. Remember to email or snail-mail us your creations!


Email Archive
Emailed on July 7, 2017 07/07/17