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Emailed on June 12, 2017 06/12/17

Have You Seen This Dog?

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"When asked for comment, the dog replied: "sorry, am plant, cannot hear u."

Oh my dogeeeee Lindsay Braman via Dogspotting/Facebook

Welcome to CUTE ATTACK, your Monday morning medicine. We’re dishing you our favorite dog shtuff at approximately 300 Awws per second. Today, In Breaking News: Floof in flowers, spotted.

SEATTLE- Two different humans on two different days were pleasantly surprised to find a floof among the summer blooms.

Lindsay Braman, a local dog afficianado, reported: "This absolutely fabulous pupper was casually waiting for his person under a tree at Pike Place Market in Seattle today. I died." We'd like to congratulate Lindsay on ascending to dog-spottin' heaven.

A second source at the scene reported: "Doggo does a snooze in the flowers." A review of video evidence confirms that the doggo did, indeed, do a snooze in the flowers.

floral doge Lauren Kathryn Berry-Kagan via Dogspotting/Facebook

BarkPost is now looking for more information on this delightfully floral ball of floof. Anybody with information on said floof, or any Seattle-area dog person who spots the floof again, can reach us by replying back to this email.

Share with your friends! Especially if they're in Seattle.

Seriously, we wanna meet the floof! Let us know if you spot him again. And if you have a floof of your own, send it our way!


Email Archive
Emailed on June 12, 2017 06/12/17