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Emailed on June 16, 2017 06/16/17

Dad or Doodle?

Doodle or Dad?

"When you get a little older, you'll fetch sticks the same way, son."

Doggo@HudsonTheGoldenDoodle via Instagram

Welcome to Thank Dog It's Friday (TDIF!), when we dig up our goofiest, most ridiculous stories, just for you. If things don’t get weird, we’re doing something wrong. This week, a father's day quiz starring our favorite Doods!

Father's Day can be tricky! You try to find the right gift (in my house it's "what's a book about the Roman Empire that he somehow hasn't read already?"), you make time for a visit, and right when you're handing over the latest bio of Augustus, you realize: "That's not my dad! That's a Golden Doodle!"

Hey, we've all done it, every Father's Day. We always mix up our dads with Golden Doodles. It's okay! You can admit it too. That's why we wrote up this little quiz. Prep yourself before the big day!

WHICH IS IT? Dad or Doodle…

1. Respects a well-made campfire.

campfire dog@BaileyDoodle via Instagram

A: These are Doodles. If that was Dad, he'd be grillin' a hot dog.

2. Gonna hit the links this weekend with the guys.

golf cart dogs

A: These are Doodles. Dad would insist on driving– he knows all the best shortcuts!

3. Really got a kick out of the brewery tour.

monty doodle doo@MontyDoodleDoo via Instagram

A: This is a Doodle. The hat's a good start, but Dad doesn't walk out of that brewery without an "IPA lot when I drink" novelty T-shirt.

4. Embarrasses you with his stories about the "Wild Years."

music fest doodleNelsonTheGoldenDoodle via Instagram

A: This is a Doodle. Dad insists that his Wild Years are still goin' strong, kiddo.

5. Can't wait to show ya the ropes at the office.

office doodlesNelsonTheGoldenDoodle via Instagram

A: This is a Doodle. Dad's not gonna show ya the ropes, he expects you to pick it up on your own. And watch closely, 'cause there's a pup quiz on the drive home!

6. Dresses like this on Christmas morning because he truly Don't-Give-A-Heck what anyone thinks.

Will's GrandpaWill's Real Grandpa!

A: This is a dad. Specifically, my Grandpa. A Doodle can only dream of reaching this height of shamelessness.

7. Is immediately drawn to the oldest, weirdest thing on any vacation. (Maybe because he's the oldest, weirdest thing there too)

Doggo 6@LolaTheBerneDoodle via Instagram

A: This is a Doodle. Dad hasn't seen the Griffin sculpture yet because he's still on the audio tour at some haunted castle.

Alright, now that you've reviewed, you're ready for Father's Day! Have a nice weekend, and remember- don't get caught at the dog park.

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Email Archive
Emailed on June 16, 2017 06/16/17