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Emailed on June 21, 2017 06/21/17

Would You Like A Little Wiener With Your Airbnb?

Airbnb for good!

Rent a Wiener for the day, or your entire vacay!

Wienerbnb The Long Dog Retreat via Facebook

Welcome to Puplifting Moments, where we bring you our favorite stories about people making life better for pups - and pups making life better for people. This week, a pet-friendly Airbnb with a delightful twist…

The Long Dog Retreat Dachshund Rescue’s motto, from the very beginning, was “Till they all have a comfy bed and a warm lap!” And now that the Rescue's founders have opened an Airbnb cottage across the street, their Doxies get those comfy beds quicker than ever– thanks to a delightful program that invites guests to rent a Wiener!

cool airbnb idea The Long Dog Retreat via Facebook

The rescue's founders, married couple Kellylynn Caldwell and Joseph Landgraf, advertise the cozy, well-reviewed Michigan home on Airbnb with a nice little tagline: Rent a Cabin & Save a Wiener!

omg wiener vacay The Long Dog Retreat via Facebook

“One day I read an article about an animal shelter in Colorado that ‘loans out’ their animals to people on vacation,” says Kellylynn. “It made me think about the possibility of having folks who are staying in the cabins ‘borrow’ one of the Dachshunds during their stay.”

wiener lover's dream come true The Long Dog Retreat via Facebook

The cottage was already pet-friendly to start, so the “Rent a Wiener” program was a no-brainer for Kellylynn and Joseph. For one, it gives people a chance to learn about The Long Dog Retreat. And even more importantly, the program helps socialize the dogs, which prepares them for life in a new home and gives them a better chance of getting adopted.

dog lover's dream come true The Long Dog Retreat via Facebook

“In a foster care environment, the dogs get very comfortable with us," Kellylynn said. "Some of these dogs are with us for many months. By spending a night or two away from us, they get one-on-one attention with another family, they get to practice socialization skills with different humans.”

dog lover's dream vacay The Long Dog Retreat via Facebook

Wiener rental only costs $5 a day, and the fee is waived if you take the Wiener for a walk, give the Wiener a bath, or brush the Wiener’s hair. That’s a pretty good deal, if you ask us.

airbnb awesomeness The Long Dog Retreat via Facebook

If you love what Kellylynn and Joe are doing as much as we do, make sure to follow The Long Dog Retreat on Facebook (you can also donate to the cause here). And if you’re ever near Marcellus, Michigan, consider staying at their Airbnb cottage and participating in the “Rent a Wiener” program. We hear there’s a little Wiener named Fritz Charming who particularly loves the extra attention and extra treats.

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Emailed on June 21, 2017 06/21/17