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Why do dogs sneeze when they play?

Why does your dog sneeze when they're play fighting?

"Even the coolest dog in the world looks like a goofus when they sneeze."

Why are sneezes so funny?
@DogsSneezing via Instagram

Welcome to Cool Dog Science. We’re digging up our favorite funky dog facts and fascinating pup studies, marking them with our signature weirdness, and dropping them at your doorstep. This week's topic: Why do dogs sneeze when they're play fighting?

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You may have your own reasons for loving your dog– their cuddly fur, their perfect faces, their everlasting loyalty. As for me, I love dogs most of all when they're rowdy. I will literally roll on the floor with any dog (ask my coworkers.) I'll grab any drooly old raggedy toy and hold onto that thing for dear life if there's a good game of tug of war to be had. The feistier and rowdier the dog, the more I love 'em.

Which means I'm no stranger to the sneeze.

chi sneeze@LivyAndCompany via Instagram

Maybe you've noticed this too. The more you play with your pup– or when your dog gets in a high-energy rassle with their pup friends– the more likely they'll sneak a sneeze in the middle of their GRRRRs and RUFFs.

So what's going on here? Are dogs allergic to a good time? Are they trying to distract their rival with a well-aimed germ cloud so that they can seize the advantage and snag the tennis ball? Or maybe they're just testing how polite you are (don't forget to say bless you, folks.)

Looks like he's enjoying his photoshoot then Via

As it turns out, dogs sneeze to say: "I'm having a great tiiiiime!"

According to Canine University, the sneeze is a dog's signal to the other dog that a rowdy dance/fight play sesh is strictly play– so both dogs know it's all in good fun. Katherine Smith, a dog trainer and Dog Behavior Consultant, says the sneeze is a mark of when your dog "is really loving what you're doing."

So our pups have found a weird new way to say, "maybe it LOOKS like we're fighting, but it's all cool, we're buds!!"

As always, I'm inspired by the weird and fascinating things dog teach us! So I decided to try it for myself.

If it can work for our dogs, why not humans?

Step 1: Start A Play-Fight! Find a stranger and get the party started!

play fight

Step 2: Growl and Bark! The louder and meaner you get, the more fun it is for everyone.

Woof woof woof. Arf arf.

Step 3: Sneeze! Aim a couple aachoo's in that stranger's face, and watch the tension melt away. Next thing you know he'll be sneezing right back. We're friends now!


Okaaaay well this did not turn out as planned. I guess some things work better for our dogs than they do for us. But the good news is, I think I made a new friend!

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Friends don't sneeze in friends faces. But they do share goofy emails!

Do you have funny pics and videos of your dogs sneezing their floof off? Send 'em in! We might just feature it in our Cute Attack email!


Email Archive
Emailed on March 22, 2017 03/22/17