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Emailed on March 27, 2017 03/27/17

Corgi. Loaves.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! We love all of you!

“Don't you just loaf corgi butts?”

1 perfect corgi loaf @ParkGolfeee via Twitter

Welcome to CUTE ATTACK, your Monday morning medicine. We’re dishing you our favorite dog shtuff at approximately 300 Awws per second. You can even pick what you want to see next week, in the poll at the end! Today’s subject: warm toasty Corgi loaves!

We know that it might have been a little difficult to stop hitting the snooze button this morning, but we’ve got the bread and butter to make waking up worthwhile.

And by bread and butter, we mean just bread. Loaves, if you will. Corgi Loaves.

corgi or loaf? @SharkRancher via Imgur

How do you make one of these baked backside beauties? Read on for recipes.

Making A Corgi Loaf

1. Sourdog Bread.

Corgi loaf sploot @TrinketBaby via Instagram

To make this loaf, you need to have a starter yeast. Then mix with flour, water, furriness, and one boopable nosey.

2. Cinnabutt Roll.

Cinnabutt @DaleCorgi via Instagram

Made with sugar & spice and everything nice. (everything nice = tiny tails, little pointy ears.)

3. Extra Buns.

Extra buns @Corgnelius via Instagram

What’s better than a bun in the oven? TWO BUNS!

4. "Pee"ta Bread.

Peeta CorgiButts via Blogspot

Make your doggie dough as flat as possible. Tiny feet poking out is still okay. Great with falafel!

5. Ciabutta.

Ciabutta @Emoposer via Reddit

You don’t need an Italian Greyhound to make this mediterranean loaf. Best when the dough is very fluffy.

6. Arepaws.

Arepaws @Dog_Lover_Marina via Reddit

For this south of the border delight, mix white corgimeal with water and salt. Then, SHAKE IT. Like this.

7. Soggy Bread.

Soggy breadVia The Daily Corgi

Why would you wet your loaf? Well, maybe you want to make Frenchie Toast.

How do you know when it’s done? Hard to say. Always best to check from time to time.

Happy Loafing!

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Email Archive
Emailed on March 27, 2017 03/27/17