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Emailed on May 12, 2017 05/12/17

Dog Moms Know Best

Dog Moms.

To all the dog moms who work their butts off so they can give their dogs (and kids) the best life possible.

happy dog mom day

Welcome to Thank Dog It's Friday (TDIF!), when we dig up our goofiest, most ridiculous stories, just for you. If things don’t get weird, we’re doing something wrong. This week: We turn the email over to Lori and her mom. Well, kinda.

I think it goes without saying that I am a Crazy Dog Lady. I’ll show you pics of my pup faster than you can say “Oh you have a dog?” To me, retail therapy means shopping for patterned leashes. But I’ve come by the condition naturally.

Please welcome a very special guest: my mother.

Lori's Mom

My mom is an OG Crazy Dog Lady. Growing up, my friends called my house “The Humane Society” because it was always filled with roaming pooches. A lawyer by day, my mom comes home to a cacophony of canines and can’t have a conversation without bringing up their latest antics and ailments.

She is an avid, and I mean AVID, BarkPost reader. Whenever she sees my name in the masthead she texts me jokes that she thinks would have been better. It’s super supportive. So, we thought we’d give her the chance to take over the email this week, because who knows, maybe she’s the true family talent after all.

Step 1: Recruiting Mom

I emailed Mom and let her know that she was in charge of this week's Friday BarkPost email!

"We're always looking for cute and funny content to brighten up our reader's mornings. Let's see whatcha got! Love you."

Her response: email pic 1

email snap 2

email snap 3

Well, that wasn't gonna work. So I asked her to send me some pictures of dogs from her neighborhood.

Presenting: The BarkPost Mom Collection - from Lori’s Mom

email pic 2

email snap 5

email snap 6

email snap 7

email snap 8

Trust me, I pressed. There was no further explanation.

email pic 3

Mom: “I love the look on Winston’s face with the dirt all over him. He is so happy. It’s what Winston is all about.”

email pic 4

Mom: “This is my friend Lisa’s rescue. She got this stuffed animal from her now husband, when they were kids. Max chews everything but not his stuffed toy, Mrs. Wrinkles. Lol. I think he has a crush on her.”

You guys!! My mom used an emoji!! I’m so proud.

email pic 5

email snap 9

email snap 10

The “he” is the owner of the horses. I just… I don’t know.

email pic 6

Mom: “Two of my favorite mutts.”

email snap 11

email snap 12

They got divorced 20 years ago. She has a point.

That’s the latest from my mom, you guys. All in all, I think she did alright.

Does Lori's mom remind you of yours? Share with your mamz!

Does dog craziness run in your family? Have you got hilarious pics and videos of your dog (or your dog-lovin' family) doing goofy things? Send 'em our way. We'd love to see them.


Email Archive
Emailed on May 12, 2017 05/12/17