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Emailed on May 19, 2017 05/19/17

Which Noodle Are You?

Why does my dog destroy toys?

Choose your Noodle wisely.

Noodz time

Welcome to Thank Dog It's Friday (TDIF!), when we dig up our goofiest, most ridiculous stories, just for you. If things don’t get weird, we’re doing something wrong. This week, a game you can play with your friends! We call it…


Wanna find your inner Pug? Our buddy Noodle is here to help. Pick the Noodle who's most like you. Then forward this message to 7 friends and see if they can guess which Noodle you are.

If your friend guesses the right Noodle, you are packmates for life.
If your friend guesses the wrong Noodle, make them sniff again.
If your friend sniffs again and guesses wrong again, you will have 7 dog years of bad luck...
...which is actually one year...
...and hey you can make it through one tough year so stay strong.

So, are you…


Which Noodle are you? How did your friends do? Write back to us and let us know!

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Email Archive
Emailed on May 19, 2017 05/19/17