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Emailed on May 1, 2017 05/01/17

5 Things That Make This Frenchie Fly

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"One small step for human, one giant leap for Frenchie."

Huey @FrenchieAndTheNews via Instagram

Welcome to CUTE ATTACK, your Monday morning medicine. We’re dishing you our favorite dog shtuff at approximately 300 Awws per second. Today’s subject: Huey, the flying Frenchie.

At Bark, we all love to keep our eyes, ears and noses open for the most delightful dogs on the world wide web. So you can imagine how thrilled we were when we encountered Huey, the Flying Frenchie!

This sweet little butterball lives in Austin, where he's "sorta spoiled, basically tuff, totally chill, and constantly snarting." But what really caught our eye is his fantastic leap. Who knew a lump of dough could defy gravity like this?

leaping lumbers @FrenchieAndTheNews via Instagram

So we decided to investigate the secrets to Huey's zero-gravity adventures.


1. When your roommate makes fresh GUACAMOOOOOOOOOLEEEEE!!!

nakey time @FrenchieAndTheNews via Instagram

You made extra?? Avoca-Don't mind if I Doooooooo!

2. When your favorite superhero movie shows up on NETFLIIIIIIIIIIIIX!

batdog @FrenchieAndTheNews via Instagram

The Pork Knight flies again! (…To the couch. All weekend.)

3. When you get a discount code to buy SWEET KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICKS!

pumped up kicks @FrenchieAndTheNews via Instagram

Ok he's not flying in this one, but this was an editorial decision: you NEED to see these sneaks.

4. When your lil bro's in town so you SKIP THE WORK-DAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

leon gif @FrenchieAndTheNews via Instagram

(This is Leon, Huey's baby bro. Very good, young one! Take it one flop at a time.)

5. When you stumble but it's ok because there's donuts in the break room SO NOBODY SAAAAAAAAW!!!!"

stumbling frenchie @FrenchieAndTheNews via Instagram

AND you get a donut.

he's ok@BirdieTheGoldie via Instagram

Well done, mighty Huey! Everyone put your tray tables up and nudge that snoring guy off your shoulder, because Huey's taking off, and flying straight to our hearts.

You can follow Huey and Leon's exploits on Instagram or on their website, Club Huey. Fly on, mighty Frenchie

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Does your dog have the gift of flight? Send us a picture or a video- we'd love to see it!


Email Archive
Emailed on May 1, 2017 05/01/17