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Emailed on May 22, 2017 05/22/17

Is your fuzzy outlaw a BAD MOTHER PUPPER?

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"There's only place for one bad mutherpupper in this town."

the good, bad and pugly

Welcome to CUTE ATTACK, your Monday morning medicine. We’re dishing you our favorite dog shtuff at approximately 300 Awws per second. Today’s subject: Outlaw Pups WANTED fer diggin' up trouble.

Wanna find out how your dog would fare as an outlaw in the Old West? You ready to stare down the sheriff at the O.K.9. Corral?

Our pal Val made a game for you to play with your dog– and all you need is a cell phone. It's a choose-your-own-adventure set in the Wild Wild Woof, the land of Bully the Kid and Doc Howliday.

All ya gotta do is text a picture of your dog to the number 79987. And that's when the adventure starts...

edna texted

A couple of our friends at the office gave it a try. The results?

Benji got busted

BENJI: BUSTED. Stole gold from Mutter's mill. Thought it was a treat bag.

Edna got busted

EDNA: BUSTED. Pooped in Wyatt Arf's boots.

Ziggy got away

Ziggy was a winner! We were surprised as anyone. It can be done, so if you don't win first time around, I reckon ya gotta try again!

So play the game and saddle up! Text a picture of your dog to 79987, and get along, little doggie!

Yeehaw! Know any other cowpokes who wanna play? Share away!

We'd love to see if your dogs got busted or if they got away so send us your pics, folks!


Email Archive
Emailed on May 22, 2017 05/22/17