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Emailed on May 29, 2017 05/29/17

Guess These Corgi Mixes

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"To be or not to be, Corgi? That is the question"

corgi mix beauty @TailsFromTheSniff via Instagram

Welcome to CUTE ATTACK, your Monday morning medicine. We’re dishing you our favorite dog shtuff at approximately 300 Awws per second. Today’s subject: A Pop Quiz On Corgi Mixes!

Is it just me or do Corgi mixes sorta look like a dog breed trying to do an impression of a Corgi? I always love seeing a Pittie or a Schnauzer flaunting those big-dish ears and waggling their big ol' Corgi booty.

Do you think you can tell the breeds that made these adorable half-Corgis? Time to find out! 'Cause we've got the cutest pop quiz you've ever been given.

Guess These Corgi Mixes

1. Corgi + ______? = This pup of all trades!

Corgi Mix 1@AWRC_Furbabies via Instagram

2. Corgi + _____? = One of the smartest Corgis in all the land!

Corgi Mix 2@AyInGirl via Instagram

3. Corgi + ______? = This furry pup from the Isles!

Corgi Mix 3@DutchessOfDC via Instagram

4. Corgi + _____? = One hot dog! (muy caliente!)

Corgi Mix 4@Aya_Mint1211 via Instagram

5. Corgi + _____? = This droolworthy doge!

Corgi Mix 5@ManeysAdventures via Instagram

6. Corgi + ____? = This wonder from down-under!

Corgi Mix 6@AlaskanBandit via Instagram

7. Corgi + ____? = This treasure of a pup :-)

Corgi Mix 7@SullyFitz_The_Corgi/ via Instagram

Feeling confident about your answers? Want to know how you did? Well, check out the answers here.

Answer key

How'd you do? I'll be honest, a few of our coworkers were pretty stumped. If you got 3/7, you did better than Will!

If you don't want the quiz to end, here's a bonus Corgi Mix. You can guess the answer by hitting reply on this email! We'll share the answer in next Monday's Cute Attack email. Good luck, folks!

BONUS: Mystery Corgi Mix

(No hints! You're on your own, pups!)

Corgi Mix 7@Chewie_A_Corgi_Well_Loved via Instagram

Did you beat your friend's score? Share and find out!

Can you stump us? Send us a pic of your mutt and we'll try to guess the mix!


Email Archive
Emailed on May 29, 2017 05/29/17