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Emailed on May 3, 2017 05/03/17

Why Do Dogs Lick Couches?

Why does my dog destroy toys?

"I'd like a side of couch with my dinner tonight, please."

bijou face

Welcome to Cool Dog Science. We’re digging up our favorite funky dog facts and fascinating pup studies, marking them with our signature weirdness, and dropping them at your doorstep. This week's topic: Why do dogs lick the couch?

One of our favorite dogs at the office is Bijou, a smiley, snorty, thoroughly fabulous Pomeranian. With her big brown eyes and ever-bloppin' tongue, she always makes a fantastic impression.

charming bijou

She is also a devoted couch licker. Seriously, she really gets after that couch. Look at her go!

couch lickerBark & Co. via YouTube

So we got to wondering —

Why *do* some dogs just love to lick the couch?

You know the way you chew your fingernails or tap your feet, for really no reason at all? Some sources suggest that licking is your dog's own version of these behaviors. If your pup is feeling a little bored and has a little energy to get out, they might take it up with their old buddy, the couch.

i love bijou @BijouTheSnortyPig via Instagram

Others think your dog's couch licking might be a canine form of OCD. If your dog is relentlessly licking any given surface they can find, you might want to take it up with your vet.

i love bijou@BijouTheSnortyPig via Instagram

But the explanation that really delighted us the most?

Your flakes: they're grrrreat!

As pups, your dog was groomed by their Mama. This grooming habit stays with your dog. So as Napa's Daily Growl says: "Your dog may pick up smells or tastes of human skin particles on your couch, and begin licking the couch to clean – or groom – your tastes and smells as well."

i love bijou@BijouTheSnortyPig via Instagram

That couch tastes like salty sweat and smells like friendship, and your pup just can't get enough! So your loyal pup might just be lapping up your utterly delectable skin flakes. No two are alike, after all.

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Email Archive
Emailed on May 3, 2017 05/03/17