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Emailed on May 8, 2017 05/08/17

Welcome to Dog Bios

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"No dessert for you, Jared. Take that."

mamz @BarkPost via Instagram

Welcome to CUTE ATTACK, your Monday morning medicine. We’re dishing you our favorite dog shtuff at approximately 300 Awws per second. Today’s subject: Dog Bios of the moms you swear you know.

Dog Bio [dɒg baɪoʊ]

verb (used without object), dog-bio'd, dog bio-ing.
noun, dog bio

  1. A picture of a dog plus the traits of people who remind us of a dog's specific expression/look.
  2. Informal. To humanize a dog in the silliest way possible.

  3. Bark just dog-bio'd my pooch and it's hilarious!

Ex: dog bio ex @BarkPost via Instagram

One thing we love about our dogs is that feeling of recognition we get when we look in to their faces. It's that "Don't I know you from somewhere?" feeling. A Dog Bio basically takes that feeling and amplifies it in the form of silly memes that's bound to make you crack a smile.

Dog Bios come in many forms but in honor of Mother's day, we've found some of our favorite Dog Bios that exemplify moms! Check 'em out below:

Five Dogs Who Are Probably Head Of The PTA And Want You To Be Home By 11

1. Linda, who needs Kevin to settle down so they can get to the supermarket

Linda @BarkPost via Instagram

2. Amy, who's taking it easy on the court this summer.

Amy @BarkPost via Instagram

3. Deb, who's gonna try this toast one more time to be sure

Deb @BarkPost via Instagram

4. Miriam, who still has a thing for Zero Mostel.

Miriam @BarkPost via Instagram

5. Helen, who didn't buy this nice carpet for nothing.

Helen @BarkPost via Instagram

Keep up the good work, moms! And remember, if Jess wants a pizza party, she's got to finish her science fair project first.

You can find more Dog Bios, memes and funny videos on Instagram as well as on Facebook.

Want to make the moms in your life giggle and squeal? Share away!

Send us pics and videos of all the dog mom moments in your life! We'd love to see them.


Email Archive
Emailed on May 8, 2017 05/08/17