Last Chance To Get Your Paws On Free Downloadable DIY Art for Dog Lovers!

Last Chance To Get Your Paws On Free Downloadable DIY Art for Dog Lovers!

If you missed out on Part One of the download party, check it out here. And here is Part Two

You know what? I’m feeling generous today. You know why? Because during our morning snugglefest my dog refrained from passing gas. Her toots could level towns. “Toot” is actually way too cute a word for what comes out of her. I digress.


Instead of spreading out the next four downloads into 4 different posts I’m going to give you ALL OF THEM TODAY!

Oprah meme

Here is Download #3:



Because, that really is the meaning of life, right? Unless you don’t drink wine. In which case, you and I do not share the same priorities.

Are you ready for Download #4? Well, by all means, check it out:



Non-dog people always seem super grossed out when dogs lick them. This sign, when placed strategically by the front door, should fairly alert your visitors.

The next one is a standard and straightforward greeting. Download #5 is the truth:



Was that a cold, wet nose in butt? Why yes, yes it was. Welcome!

Download #6 only works if you’re one of those cat-dog people. I, admittedly, happen to be one. Don’t judge.



I couldn’t resist gearing this one up for some action.


My trick for cutting out inexpensive art for framing (without a mat, of course) is using the glass to trace the trim marks.


It works wonders because you can visually center your art in the frame. You probably all knew that, but I figured if I helped at least one person, sharing this tip was worth it!


Do you feel like you want to print and color ALL THE THINGS?! This should at least give you some fun hallway art. And, go crazy! Use water colors, or colored pencils, or heck, even crayons! Let your kids color them or make them the most fancy art you’ve ever showcased. The bottom line is they’re free they’re funny. So, have fun for crying out loud.

I’ll give you the same three downloading/printing tips as before:

1. Print your download as is; no need to print “fit to page”
2. Print black and white for crisp lines
3. HAVE FUN and go crazy!


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