15 Gifts So Your S.O. Will Love YOU More Than The Dog

15 Gifts So Your S.O. Will Love YOU More Than The Dog

Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone. Even if you’re in a “happy” and “committed” relationship (whatever), it’s a holiday about GIFT GIVING. Forget what people say about love, Valentine’s Day is just another holiday where person X expects a great gift from person Y and person Y has no idea what to get person X so person Y just goes with chocolates and flowers and everything is terrible.

THIS IS ESPECIALLY TRUE if your significant other is a die-hard dog person. All they want to do is spend time with their dog, play with their dog, love their dog, and quite frankly, probably be their dog’s valentine.

Thankfully for you, BarkPost has compiled a list of items to buy your significant other this Valentine’s Day that are 100% guaranteed* to attract all attention towards you and not the dog.

*not actually guaranteed

1. These here fancy Lamborghini is sure to divert attention from your dog-loving better-half. Even if for just one ride!


2. Give your loved one the gift of nutrition this Valentine’s Day! What’s better than a dog’s love? A longer life WITH WHICH TO LOVE YOUR DOG MORE? EH?


3. Mayhaps your significant other can be wooed with this decorative dog scarf? It’s basically a dog!

dog scarf

4. Wool socks have never failed as a great gift before. Maybe they won’t fail you now. *MAYBE*


5. They say diamonds work… maybe give that a try?


6. How about a jar of bee pollen? That’s hip! That’s fun! That’s distracting!


7. Take your significant other to see a Broadway show! There’s only room for 1 dog in WICKED, and that’s TOTO. #Bam

wicket tickes

8. How about an exotic vacation destination to distract your lover for the day (or 3 days 2 nights)?


9. A decorative and culturally-sensitive headdress may be just thing then your significant other needs to stop paying attention to the pooch!

decorative head scarf

10. “What’s this? A unicorn onesie? Are you kidding? I don’t even know what a dog is today!” – your significant other upon receiving this.

unicorn onesie

11. A laser tag adventure set? Who WOULDN’T be distracted from dog love for this?

Laser Tag Guns

12. Getting your significant other this poop emoji headwear is a great way to say: “I LOVE THE CRAP OUT OF YOU!”

poop head

13. This cardboard bust of Ariana Grande would make the perfect diversion from dog love Valentine’s Day gift! Just look at that ponytail!

ariana grande bust

14. A shark sleeping bag is the ideal Valentine’s Day gift whether your partner is a dog lover or no. I mean, come on. Who doesn’t want one of these?

shark sleeping bag

15. Finally, how about a bag of delicious dog-approved coffee? It’ll keep your significant other caffeinated enough to give BOTH of you attention! What a concept!

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 6

featured image via BarkShop