12 Ways Dogs Can Help You Run Your Store

12 Ways Dogs Can Help You Run Your Store

Here in New York City, it’s fairly common to see a cat hanging out in a bodega (a corner store), doing what cats do, and occasionally catching rodents. Technically it is illegal to have a cat in a store that sells food, but many owners find a cat more welcoming than mice and/or rat traps. So they risk it the chances of getting a fine and welcome a cat into their deli.


But the dogs of New York City are fed up. Employment opportunities for pooches are getting harder and harder to come by, and they want the same opportunities that cats have. Below, they make their case to be considered for employment at these fine establishments.

1. We make great babysitters. Bring your kid in and we will watch it for you while you order both of us a tasty sandwich.


2. We are great under pressure and have experience putting out fires.


3. We are really good at making sandwiches.

Irish Terrier stealing food from kitchen counter, elevated view

4. We know how important it is to deliver food in a timely fashion.


5. We know our way around Clorox …

6. …. And some of us even like to mop.

mop dog

7. We can always provide you with a solid beer recommendation.

beer dog

8. We will provide you with an extra sense of security. (There’s a reason why there are police dogs, not cats.)

german police dog

9. We are really good at taking money. We even know how to count back change.

10. We also know how to relax, just like cats.

11. We won’t judge your smoking and gambling habits (cats are so judgy).


12. And finally, no one loves food as much as us. We were made for this.


Featured image via Dog Vacay