12. “Oh, you thought teddy bears were just for puppies? I think you’ll see things my way after a snuggle fest.” – Dottie, age 7
Source: itsallaboutlola
1. “You realize a puppy would get into 10x more trouble than this, right? Your Netflix binge-watching days would be so over.” – Lilo, age 10
2. “It takes years of practice to perfect the art of the puppy eye. Puppies just don’t have what it takes.” – Tinkerbell, age 7
Source: zacks_life
3. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s always be true to yourself. If there’s a second thing, it’s always wear three gold chains.” – Zack, age 11
Source: ohmydoggies
4. “I’ve got the looks no human can resist and no puppy can compete with.” – Skyler, age 9
Source: lovetteddy
5. “Want the secret to maintaining a puppy-like figure? Lift three times a week, go easy on the treats and always wear your sequin sweatband.” – Teddy, age 8
Source: clari_calahari
6. “Tell me where you buried the bones and I won’t tell anyone that you can’t keep up with a senior.” – Flash, age 9
Source: rlb1963
7. “The effect my baby blue eyes have on the ladies has grown dangerously powerful with age.” – Rudy, age 15
Source: michcant
8. “You’re never too old for tutus, rock & roll or true love.” – Coco and Louis, both age 10
Source: bordernerd
9. “If you want to find a true best friend, you can’t impose age limitations.” – Jazzy, age 11 and Cooper, age 12
Source: rowdyretrievers
10. “Biddies say I should dress more age appropriately. I’m like, “You mean splurge on the matching sash?’” – Sully, age 12
Source: buster_bond
11. “I’ve already given my family 15 years of love. That doesn’t make me old, it makes me a pro!” – Oreo, age 15
Source: dottiedoxie
12. “Oh, you thought teddy bears were just for puppies? I think you’ll see things my way after a snuggle fest.” – Dottie, age 7
Source: capecodsammies
13. “Being a beach babe isn’t about age – it’s about state of mind…and having an awesome umbrella.” – Nikia, age 12
Source: spyro_dog
14. “I’m a master cuddler who plays frisbee like a boss. Oh, and I’m blind! Did I just blow your mind or what?” – Spyro, age 11
15. “Honestly, family is all I really need to be happy… but if someone’s offering ice cream cones, I certainly won’t say no.” – Sheldon, age 16
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15 Times Senior Dogs Stole The Cuteness Crown From Puppies

It’s a well-known, unarguable fact that puppies are squeal-inducingly cute. This cuteness causes us to tolerate their teething, jumping, house training (or lack thereof), zoomies and numerous other shenanigans. While it’s common practice to pick a puppy as the newest member of your family, adopting a senior dog can be much easier to work into your busy schedule (think less shenanigans), letting you spend more time simply relaxing and playing with your newest friend.

If you’re worried that adopting an older dog means sacrificing the unbearable cuteness of puppyhood, you’re wrong. These 15 pictures prove once and for all that older dogs are just as playful, loving and cute as puppies!

Can’t get enough of the cuteness? Click here to see more adorable doggos. 🙂

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