15 Movember Mutts Who Put Your ‘Stache To Shame

15 Movember Mutts Who Put Your ‘Stache To Shame

As a longtime lover of men’s facial hair (seriously, you should check out the scruffy dude I keep back home) I tend to get a little warm and peach fuzz-y feeling every November as men let their lip ticklers fly free.

But why should we two-leggers have all the fun? Dogs care about men’s health issues as much as… Listen, we focus grouped it and trust us, they care. Like a lot.

To prove it, these 15 dogs donned face caterpillars of all kinds to show us their best mustached mugs.

“I can’t care what you say, size DOES matter.”

This dignified mouth rug is the mark of a true gentleman-dog.

“You crazy kids, get offa’ my lawn!”

Maybe she’s born with it…maybe it’s shoe polish.

Hola, seƱor, me encanta su bigote!

“ARRRRRRRRRRe we going to the park later?”

“YOU’RE upside down, man.”

“‘Just do it!’ they said, ‘it’ll be hilarious’ they said.”hi_im_oats

Ehhh, I dunno. Someone check this pup’s ID.

“Wait, what’s Movember?”


“Does this thing make me look…surreal?”


“Hang on a second, am I in one of those dorky BarkPost lists?”

Caitlyn Devine

While I kinda wish they’d keep the lipholstery permanently, at least I get to soak in these ‘staches for the rest of the month. And there’s always these guys and their year-round nose neighbors to keep me going ’til next Movember.

IMG_6646 polarbearjunkie IMG_6649

Is your dog jealous of all these manly mongrels? Be sure to visit the BarkShop where you can get your pup their very own Plushtache!


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Poochas gracias!

Featured Image via Piper Stone Artwork