16 Ways To Make Sure Your Dog’s First Day At Work Is A Success

16 Ways To Make Sure Your Dog’s First Day At Work Is A Success

National Bring Your Dog To Work Day is June 26! If you’re one of the lucky ones who gets to take advantage of this puptastic day, you might want to consider having a little talk with your coffee break companion. How else would they know not to hump your boss’s leg or pee on that weird rug that looks like grass?

Here are 16 things your pup intern should keep in mind while in the office.

1. While toys are essential for a long day at the pawfice, no one likes a fuzz clutter. Please keep working areas as clean as pawssible.

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2. Try not to chase the mail room attendant. It’s totally not the same thing as a mailman.

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3. Make sure to follow the pawfice dress code. (or not…)

4. Hoomans prefer you find a resting place near the table rather than on the table.


5. Those long tubes on the floors are wires not rope toys. Please don’t chew!

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6. No need to shred pawfice materials. Hoomans actually pay for machines to do this job for ya.

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7. Do your best not to steal your hooman’s work BFF. Yes you’re adorable and everyone will like you more but for their sake, let them keep a few.

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8. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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9. There’s really no way to avoid typos with those pesky paws. We recommend in-person meetings.

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10. Do your best to always look alert – no one likes a slacker who sleeps on the job.

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11. While all employee contributions are valued, please hold your barks until after the meeting has adjourned.

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12. Hoomans love having someone around to listen to them speak. Just go with it.

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13. If you’re a table surfing pupper try to resist the urge. Stealing your coworker’s lunch is a one way ticket to the doghouse.

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14. Four paws take up more room than you think. Try your best not to completely take over the workspace.

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15. Always offer to lend a paw when needed.

16. Do your best to be the best mutherpupper that office has seen – you might just land yourself a permanent gig. 😉

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