17 Animal Friendships You Want To Be The Third Wheel In

17 Animal Friendships You Want To Be The Third Wheel In

Taylor Swift and her army of Supermodels are nothing compared to these 17 besties from another beastie! Get ready to say “i want to go to there” 17 times in a row.

1. The Pomeranian Mix & Pussy Cat

Cat: Just don’t tell everybo-

2. The Mutt & Mouser

“And If you turn to your left, that’s my sleep corner …and that about ends the tour. Thanks for coming to my crib, buddy!”

3. Bunny & Husky

“Dude! Stop farting! It’s not funny.”

4. The Gingers

What shenanigans have Lucy Ricardo & Ethel Mertz gotten themselves into this time?

5. Poodle + Poodle

“Poodle-cake, poodle-cake, barkers man!”

6. Kissin’ Canines

These two have a “friends with barkefits” thing going on.

7. Kissin’ Canine & Koi

“I wanna be where the puppies are. I wanna see, wanna see them playing. Walking around on those. What do you call ’em? Oh, paaaaws.”

8. The Horse & The Hound


9. The Snapper and The Ridgeback

“I love you man, but this is the worst game of fetch I’ve ever played.”

10.The Pooch and The Puss

“We always watch The Bitchelorette together.”

11.The Bow-wow-Owl Duo

Dog: What do you call a mute owl?
Owl: I don’t give a hoot.
*high fives*


“I wish I had your hair.” “Oh my dog! I wish I had your hair!”

13.Quack Lab

You’re my best ducking friend in the whole world.


There are no words.

15. Best Betches

“Cher’s main thrill in life is a makeover.”

16. Oodle Gang

“Everyone was at the bar last night, man! The whole kit and ca-doodle!”

17. Beauty & The Beast


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